Friday, January 14, 2011

week one is done.

After approximately one week in school since the holiday break, all of my first classes have come to an end. I have a few interesting professors; one sweats a lot and rambles, another has a thick accent and I can barely understand her, and a third has been thrown into teaching my Advanced Newspaper Production class with no direction leaving most, if not all, of the students in that class in frustration.

I applied for the Online Editor position for my ANP class because I figured I'd learn a lot. I'd be practicing my video editing skills, my copy editing skills, my HTML skills, my design and layout skills, and everything in between. However, due to an unpredicted picking of jobs, I was not granted with the position I had put as my first choice. I'm not that upset about losing the position but I'm just annoyed because of the way the positions were chosen.

Every one's names were put on a list with their position. Then suddenly, a student in my class thought it would be a good idea to say he wanted the online position  and not an editorial position. Bam. He gets it. I don't even know if I was on the list for the Online Editor position because as soon as this student grew a pair, so did the entire class. It became a free-for-all.

I ended up receiving the Life Editor position, which I'm fine with because it was my second choice. However, I wish things were done according to how they were supposed to be done. I'm done complaining, I'd just thought I'd share!

Anyways, I'm at school every single day this semester but for good reasons. I have class Monday - Thursday and I work Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'm a busy bee but it will certainly all pay off in the end -- money wise and academically.

On Wednesdays I have my Statistics course. This is the class where my professor doesn't speak very loudly. She also has an accent (I mentioned this earlier). I read my Stats textbook last night and even though I was highlighting frantically and reading everything uber slowly, I am lost. I know my class is probably the easiest form of Stats out there (since it is actually called "Statistics for the Media") but I haven't taken Stats since the eleventh grade. It's been four years since I've used a calculator (besides the one on my phone to do simple math, haha). I'm just going to keep on trying. I know I'll learn something or the other.

As for today (Friday), I am currently waiting for a tour of the campus I am doing to start at 10am. It should go until about 11:30am if anyone shows up. Then, I am going to the gym for a ZUMBA class -- I haven't been in forever and I'm totally geeking out about how stoked I am. And afterwards, I have a meeting.

Tonight, I am going to take Nick out for his birthday. He turned 21 on Wednesday. We're going to the Rainforest Cafe, haha. I never really liked the food there but Nick really wants to go so I'll just get a salad or chicken.

I realize this update wasn't very exciting but I figured I'd jot my week down for you! :)

Have a good weekend.

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