Tuesday, January 11, 2011

high expectations.

It has already been two full days of work and class. Without wasting any time at all, I am back into things full swing. I've only had two classes since school began again on Monday but I've been keeping up with my workload already and I have tried to get ahead in my online course. My job started up again on Monday, as well, and so far I've worked a good ten hours.

Though it's already busy, I am really looking forward to this semester. I'll be getting more experience on the broadcast front - hello newscasts! I'm not sure for which newscast, but for one of them I plan on applying to be an anchor. I'll also be learning how to produce a newspaper with seriously the best group of people on the face of the earth! I'll finally be stepping into the magazine world with my Media Writing, Editing, and Research course that begins tomorrow. Unfortunately, I start my Statistics course tomorrow as well. I'm just going to try and be positive. I'm sure someone somewhere has it worse than I.

I was actually quite nervous for this semester to start and now that it has I don't know if my nerves have calmed. I'm excited and anxious to get underway, that is without a doubt! The only thing I'm worried about is time. Time tends to be the issue in all the things I do and it's not because I lack in the time management department but it's rather that I tend to do so much in so little time that days just escape me. One thing that doesn't escape, no matter how little time I have to experience it, is stress. I know I'll be pulling my hair out with endless readings, reports, copy stories, essays, presentations, and (don't forget) midterms sooner or later but I'll just have to pull through.

My goal for this semester is to keep my average high. I don't want it to drop below an 85 percent. Keeping it at an 88.6 percent (which is what I had last semester) will probably make me poop rainbows. 

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