Thursday, January 6, 2011


When I was little, my Nonno (who was just starting to bald in the centre of his head) said "Leviana," as he touched my hair, "I gave your mommy my hair so she could give you some of her hair." Also when I was little, I understood that as "You stole my hair." But, now whenever I think of this it puts a smile on my face.

I'm not quite sure why this thought came to me as I was brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror at my unfixed, tussled, mop but it did. It could have possibly abruptly came into my brain because I am utterly bored and cannot wait for school and work to start again. Or, perhaps, I rekindled this memory because no matter where I go, I will always carry the lessons the experiences and the people I love have taught me.

I promised myself that through this winter break I would find something for the summer; summer work and potentially some experience in the journalism field. I struck gold before the break hit for summer work but I was still looking for something in the journalism field until today.

I heard back from iQween Magazine, a magazine I'd written for during the summer of last year, and I was granted the permission to contribute to their blog starting next week. I'm happy because it's a good start but I'm also happy because I'll get to practice my writing even more! 

I also applied to the local newspaper where I live and I've heard some positive feedback. I've been put in the "maybe" pile. This pile is much better than what I've been put in before. That pile I was placed in prior to this time around didn't even have a formal title. It was simply referred to as the "let-me-transfer-your-call-and-you-can-leave-a-message" pile.

I've made progress and I'm super excited about it all. There's just one problem. Time.

I just have to remember that with time comes experience and with more experience beckons a better me.

2 comments: said...

great post! there is a reason patience is one of the virtues..

Francesca said...

Contratulations! That's such an adorable story about your Nonno.