Monday, January 17, 2011


I had a three hour (or so) break between class and work today because I finished an in-class assignment way before my professor expected and I used my time so wisely. I went to interview one of the nurse practitioners at the Health Centre on campus for a report about the flu and how there have been over 700 confirmed cases of influenza this year, alone. Then, I went to work out. I want to start working out daily again--even if it is only for half-an-hour. 

I went to the gym after my interview. Let's say I got there around 12:20pm. By the time I changed and filled up my water bottle it was about 12:30pm. I went on the bike for 30 minutes. Then, I migrated over to the chest press and lateral raises machines. I know girls aren't supposed to do the chest press but I did 20 reps because I'm trying to get rid of this little chicken fat between my arms and my boobs. Then, I did 20 reps on the lateral raises machine. On both machines I lifted 50 lbs. I realize some people can do 200 lbs but hey, I'm used to lifting 5 lb dumbbells. This is an accomplishment!

At 1:10pm a fitness class called Cardio Core was starting. I figured I'd give it a try since I had the time. Well, the first 20 minutes were dedicated to spin. I had to go on the bike again for another 20 minutes. My bum right now is killing. Those seats are so uncomfortable! Then, we did 20 minutes of core cardio and strength. Never before have I felt the pain I experienced today in my lower abdomen. Can you say fire?

I'm proud of how this week is going. I am extremely exhausted, though. I had to be up this morning at 5:30. Tomorrow I'll be up before the crack of dawn, again. Winter weather is unpredictable in Canada and so is the Toronto Transit Commission. Snow likes to fall and buses never come. Oh, how I cannot wait for the summertime.

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