Sunday, November 7, 2010

shop til you drop.

I just remembered I have gift certificates from my birthday to Forever X1 and Costa Blanca and I really want to spend money that isn't my own. I sound selfish. Sorry.

I've just been spending so much money lately. From paying for insurance to the gala at my school coming up, I'm spending more money than I'm used to. I work a lot so I know it won't hurt me too much, but the idea of swiping a card that will have absolutely no affect on my financial status after the balance reaches zero is fantastic.

I creeped the Forever XI website this morning and there are so many cute over sized sweaters that I'd like to call my own. 

I don't know if I'm going shopping but life without Facebook (thanks to the Reconnect) has allowed me to actually be productive. The only thing I've left to do today is read some more of a book for school. However, I've only got 50 or so pages left. I'm proud.

Time to shop. BRB...

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