Sunday, November 7, 2010


Someone by the name of Anonymous commented on my post entitled "You are legitimately sick in the head." Their comment read:

"firstly, you don't seem too educated about politics. Conservatives endorse war. You can't just say 'the conservative government is responsible' because quite frankly even if the liberals were in power right now the same thing would be happening. secondly, you're in media studies you should know that the media has its own political agenda. The media is the only tool uneducated people have in gaining information, if I knew I had that much power over stupid people I'd milk it a little bit too. As for finding jobs? I'm pretty sure McDonalds is hiring."

Dear Anonymous,

I appreciate the fact that you've read my post and taken the time to comment. However, I don't appreciate you telling me that essentially the only job I am going to be getting is at McDonald's. Next time you stoop that low, I'd really like to know your first name. Being nameless and making such accusations does not give you much power.

As for politics, I was just commenting. This is my personal blog and I am aware that not everyone will agree with my perspectives. And yes, you're right, I'm not an expert in politics, but that does not mean I can't have an opinion after reading an article in the newspaper (just as you have taken the time to comment on a post I've published here).

To each is own. We all have our own opinions. The only difference is that I'm not ashamed of putting my name down after expressing them.

5 comments: said...

i think it is cowardly for someone to say something mean on your blog and just do it anonymously. their comment sounds like that of a know it all and a hater. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and then just brushing it off!!!

Anonymous said...

Get the chip off your shoulder and read what I wrote.
I am referring to the soldiers you mentioned that can't find jobs...I was implying that one can find a job anywhere, including McDonalds.

As for not leaving my name...why does it bother you to such an extent that you need to write a blog post about it? Some things are better left unsaid.

Georgia said...

keep getting hate mail aswell.

Always from anonymous :/ or people who put a first name but have no link to a profile so are still pretty anonymous.



leviana coccia. said...


I'm sorry for misinterpreting your comment. However, I still stand strong and believe that if you're going to say something (wheter it's positive or negative criticism) you should be able to sign your name. I am not bothered at what you said to me, personally. We will all face others who may not agree with opinions.

However, I blogged about it because I know other bloggers experience anonymous comments like the one you left.

It's not wrong to have an opinion. I embrace the fact that you've taken the time to read my post and comment. It's clear that you follow my blog since you've come back and commented on another post of mine. I thank you for that.

I was only sharing my experience with my followers.

If that offended you, I do apologize.

Just to clarify... I do not have a chip on my shoulder. If you met me, you'd learn that I'm a very happy individual. If you have met me and you think otherwise, I respect your perspective just the same.

Take care.

Courtney Wright said...

Just a comment on leaving comments anonymously...

Leviana posts her opinion with her name attached to. By attaching your name to an opinion or comment you have it shows that you are willing to stand behind it.

I personally think when you do not leave your name beside a comment you, yourself are not willing to defend your comment. And yes while you have responded to Leviana's blog post about your comment, this is not truly defending it. Without your name attached it is nothing more than one computer writing to another computer. Is this not supposed to be a conversation between people? As of now I only see one person, and that is Leviana.

There is also nothing wrong with Leviana's opinion. She is basing it off of what she knows. If you have extra resources that would change her opinion, than share them. There is no need to get aggressive, that is no way to change someone's opinion, or even make yours heard.