Saturday, November 13, 2010


I had my high heels on and my black mini-skirt! It cost $45.00 for my ticket and a cheap $20.00 for my outfit. In case you didn't know, I'm a bargain hunter. But, there I was getting ready for a night out; something I hadn't experienced in a while. It was really sweaty in the room my friends and I were getting ready in. Girls were sharing mirrors, hair straighteners and curling irons were plugged into every outlet, and makeup brushes, mascara, and MAC lipsticks were coming out of every corner. Hairspray, hair serum, and moose all left residue in the stuffy air. Photos were being shot, ladies were putting on their heals, and one bronzer brush applied the last darkened skin-tone to faces. The boys waited patiently, eating subway, watching Video on Trial, and getting ready at the last second.

After we got ready, we departed.

Last night I went to the Guelph-Humber Student's Association Gala and had a blast and a half. It was so good to hang out with friends, see my roomie from last year (whom I love so much), and also be on the arm of the one, and the only, boyfriend :) He doesn't really like dancing, but that's okay. He did come and dance with me. In fact, during two songs he came up to me and surprised me by taking my hand on the dance floor (in one instance, I wasn't expecting him. When he went into kiss my cheek, I turned around and smacked my eye right into his nose; cute right?).

I don't have Facebook anymore, thanks to The Reconnect so I can't upload photos for all of my friends to see. But, I've selected the pictures I want everyone to see and I've posted them on my Tumblr. For a link to the exact post, click here.

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~Abby~ said...

Sounds like you had a great night. :] Enjoy these days.