Saturday, November 6, 2010

you are legitimately sick in the head.

First on the docket; the Conservative Government of Canada. What the hell is wrong with you? According to the Toronto Star, the Conservatives are responsible for hiding the truth about injured (both psychologically and physically) Canadian soldiers who have come home from fighting the war in the Middle East. However, there isn't only a handful of soldiers who have come home physically and mentally injured. There are (potentially over) 1500 wounded soldiers who have come back to Canada after giving their mental health or two arms and a leg for their country. 

You'd think these patriotic fighters would receive a little bit of honour, wouldn't you? Well, they haven't. They've been completely hidden until now; until the media figured out that there was more truth behind the wars in the Middle East than the Canadian government would let on. 

Even worse - these wounded soldiers are having trouble finding jobs. What is this country coming to? Just because a man or a woman fights for their country overseas, or anywhere for that matter, does not mean that they have served their entire life's purpose when they come home hurt. It does not mean that they are useless to Canada when they return home, whatsoever.

So, why has the Canadian government decided to keep all of this on the down-low? I'm not quite sure. But, in the next Federal election if there are no changes to this sick plot, I'm not voting for anyone.

Second; Elaine Campione - mother who has been accused of drowning her two daughters to get back at her ex-husband in a custody war. Her defence has deemed Campione "mentally ill" and thus unable to correctly understand the effects that drowning her two children would have on their life and her own.

What would drive someone to drown their own daughters? Well, according to this case, a woman who fears her loss in custody of her children to her lying husband. 

The night Campione was said to have drowned her children, she took the first child into the tub and put her head under water until the young girl's life was taken. When it was time for her second child's bath, Campione went after her other daughter only to find her own daughter's fear of taking a bath that night. Fear of her mother. Fear of what would come. Fear of the water which would be the last substance her skin would touch.

Campione later accused her second daughter of killing her first child, saying she somehow remembered this scene in her head. The Star's Rosie DiManno reported that this was either a result of Campione's insanity or a movie scene Campione may vaguely remember.

There's something wrong with this world, I tell you. But, something about the strangeness this world contains makes me want to start reporting and investigating stories like these ones. Call me crazy or a news junkie, but dangerous, scheming, investigative stories have always made me curious.

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i think a curiosity about strangeness is healthy

Anonymous said...

firstly, you don't seem too educated about politics. Conservatives endorse war. You can't just say "the conservative government is responsible" because quite frankly even if the liberals were in power right now the same thing would be happening.

secondly, you're in media studies you should know that the media has its own political agenda. The media is the only tool uneducated people have in gaining information, if I knew I had that much power over stupid people I'd milk it a little bit too.

As for finding jobs? I'm pretty sure McDonalds is hiring.