Wednesday, August 4, 2010

beware of the random post ahead.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on how to get rid of bloating! To answer some of your questions, I do not drink coffee and I don't drink milk. However, my trick last night of downing an entire pot of boiled lemon water worked. I was not bloated today. Even after eating a big after-work-snack, my stomach isn't crampy or uncomfortable.

Before I continue this post I just want to congratulate my two best friends. One has lost thirty pounds since the beginning of the summer and the other is so so so so so close to her goal. They both look so hot and I am so proud of them. I know how it feels to be uncomfortable with your body image, in fact I am most days, but my two best friends give me such great motivation and strength. Virtual hug happening right here.

The reason for this post is to talk about how stoked I am for school to start. Classes begin in exactly one month and three days. I miss the routine of going to class and getting down to business. I especially miss the people I saw every day from September to April! Though some people have chosen not to keep in touch, I couldn't be happier with the friends I have made throughout the past two years. With each day that passes during the school year, I find that I get closer and closer with new people. 

As weird as it sounds, I'm not only looking forward to seeing the people I miss but also to working on assignments. I know that a few weeks into school I'll be taking back those words, but something about cracking open text books and reading articles all night is really intriguing.

Even more weird? I'm stoked to start commuting. I love taking the bus. It gives me time to myself, time to listen to music, and time to read. Plus, I'm a big fan of people watching. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know it's creepy. I don't have Facebook, so I have to spend at least an hour creeping people in real life, baha.

I realize this post was really random and that it probably lost you after the first sentence, but if you're reading this right now give yourself a pat on the back. You lasted reading an entire post after I just got home from working with cute, but sometimes bratty, little space cadet children. :)


Jade said...

maybe i'll try that boiled water and lemon drink too. glad u feel better! i know, i have the same issue. i miss school, too in some odd way. i even miss the cafeteria. odd.
ha ha, i people watch, too! i don't have facebook, either. i just don't see the point. but maybe i'm just a crab :)

disappear dorian said...

yay! sounds like things are looking brighter.
i miss school because it distracts me. god, i even miss learning!
stay lovely
♥ idil

~Abby~ said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting! I was on a camping trip this weekend, & Tuesday & Wednesday I was doing pre-school stuff.
Wow that's awesome! (About your friends!)
I start school Monday...I wasn't too excited but now I am. (Shh don't tell anyone! ;) I'll be a freshman in high school.
YAY pat on the back for me. Haha :D
Enjoy the rest of your week.