Sunday, July 25, 2010


I had a really good weekend. I didn't do anything that exciting and I just hung low. However, yesterday, my dad ended up taking my mom and I out for dinner (Thai food) and a movie. We saw "Inception" with Leonardo DiCaprio. I normally don't like action movies because they confuse me, give me a headache, and make me jump numerous amounts of times. However, this flick is a must see. If you understand Freud's Dream work (thanks to my elective last semester, I do), you'll be all over this movie. I can't even explain it to you because it's impossible to summarize. The plot is so thick, juicy, compelling, and very subconscious.

If I had to explain this movie in a few words, all I could say is this: "Inception" is a three-story dream that goes deeper and deeper inside of multiple peoples' repressed thoughts. Take what that means for you and please treat yourself to a movie within the next few days. I didn't think I'd like the film, but I did. Except for this one part where Dom Cobb, played by DiCaprio, is talking to a colleague and he says "Come back, come back! Come back with me!" in the same tone that Rose from "the Titanic" says "Jack, come back" before Jack's cold, dead body sinks into the Atlantic. I laughed. So did my mom.

Anywho, I imagine you are all wondering why the title of this post is "stuffed." There are two reasons for this. Literally speaking, my stomach is way too full right now. I spent my night with Nick and his family eating and talking at a small barbecue Nick's parents had. It was really nice to see Nick's family, since I haven't in so long, and it was also amazing to eat a piece of lemon-meringue pie, a piece of carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, and tonnes of other stuff (don't forget that this was a barbecue) amongst others. I feel sort of guilty for eating all of this tonight, but the truth of the matter is that I hardly eat this stuff. When I do, it's in good company :) And hey, I work at a summer camp. I swim every day. I dance for at least two hours a day. I am outside with the campers for another half-hour every single day, and of course, keeping up with 25-30 dance campers is a very active hobby. Thank goodness I get paid (joking). By the time I get home from camp, I feel like I've burned a week's worth of food. Mowing on Sundays is alright. I just hope my size seven shorts still fit me in the morning, haha.

Metaphorically speaking, I have my "to-do" plate full. I've landed an awesome opportunity to write for iQween Magazine, which is a new, up and coming, women's magazine. My first article is due on August 8th. It is going to be about the voice within every single female. I will be discussing the struggles we ladies go through (from sexual struggles, physical struggles, struggles with food, boys, and life in general, etc) and how experiencing these struggles gives our voice the biggest microphone imaginable. 

Second on my list, is an e-mail due on Tuesday night for the new students attending my university in the fall. My part is done so hopefully my Co-leader will have hers completed by tonight or tomorrow morning and the e-mail can be sent no later than tomorrow night!

Third, I have the chance at becoming a Learning Support Peer (LSP) for my university in the fall and in order to have this chance become a fulfillment, I need to think about why I want to be one and transfer it into a 3-5 minute presentation. I also need to write a short blog post (for the school and the LSP job opportunity) about course selection.

Fourth, I need to write my bi-weekly update for START and submit it before Friday. Because, on Friday I am leaving for Rochester, New York. My Dad's cousin is getting married on the weekend (that would be the fifth point on my list).

And sixth, I need to find time (while doing all of this) to choreograph my part of the Intermediate dance for camp this week. We're dancing to "Beautiful Day" by U2. I have my first two counts of eight but the others will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time, goodnight.

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~Abby~ said...

I love action movies! I really want to see Inception!
Plus I <3 Leonardo. :)
Lol, I think you deserve to eat all of that good food!
That is so cool that you get to write for a new magazine!
Good luck with all of the things you have on your "plate."