Saturday, July 24, 2010

spring cleaning?

Ever since I came home for the summer, I wanted to take all of the clothes that I don't wear any more out of my drawers and closest. I finally got around to doing that today. I have two-and-a-half garbage bags full of clothes and one bag full of garbage. My room is still a little bit cluttered (it's sort of small to begin with) but I can successfully open my closet and drawers without a tornado of clothes coming at me. 

Every time I do a big clean, I always keep the outfits I think I might wear one day. However, as we all know, I never wear them. So, today, I got rid of all of the "maybe's." I figure, if I never wear them then they serve no purpose collecting dust. Someone less fortunate who needs an extra sweater or two will benefit from these outfits, instead.

Yes, I am donating the clothes that I packed up in garbage bags today to Goodwill. My family has always donated things we can no longer find use for to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I feel good about what I've done today because I hardly ever give up as much as I have today. For example, I have a sweater from Abercrombie that is pretty cute but I haven't worn it since high school. I probably won't ever wear it again so instead of having it as a bragging right (note the sarcasm), I decided that it'd be best to give the expensive article of clothing to someone who can't afford a warm hoodie. In all seriousness, I don't think the person who will be receiving my sweater even cares that it's from Abercrombie. I wish more people lived their life like that because brand names are really dumb. That's another story, though.

Back to the topic of "Spring" cleaning - I even managed to save some clothes for my mom! I have stolen a lot of her cardigans over the years, and I have a bunch that I think she'd like. So, I told her to come shopping in my room after she's done her shower, haha.

In other news, apparently my dad is taking my mom and I out tonight. Before he went to bed last night he said, "You and mom take care of dinner tomorrow because, don't worry honey, we're going out tomorrow night." I don't know what that means. My dad's on holiday right now and is in the cheeriest mood. It's interesting because I'm used to him being tired from work, which normally results in simple (but good) dinners and early evening "in-front-of-the-TV" sleeps. However, last night my dad made salmon, salad, asparagus, and corn for dinner and asked for no assistance. He didn't even go to sleep early. He went grocery shopping with my mom and bought me my favourite cheese - "La vache qui rit." I'll let you know how tonight turns out. I have a feeling it will just consist of going out for ice cream or a movie, but deep down inside I sort of want to go downtown and walk around (even though it's pouring rain). Who knows!?


T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

I totally understand how it goes with the clothes cleaning. up until i moved to whistler in june i still had hoodies from high school hogging my dresser [high school was SIX years ago eek] i managed to pack what i thought were "essentials" to whistler but im still finding clothes that i barely wear and thinking "now what am i going to do with these clothes" so frustrating! aha

hope your summers going well dolly!

Jessie said...

Good for you for getting rid of all the maybes! I never get rid of the maybes and that is probably why my closet is overflowing!!!

Just found your blog! and am now following! Check out mine if you get a chance!