Friday, July 23, 2010

dear blog.

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I don't know how last summer I managed to keep up my posting even though I worked three jobs plus volunteered for a magazine. Now, I'm only working two jobs and I'm slacking in the blog department. You deserve a huge apology, blog. I'm very sorry for my horrible actions, baha.

For those of you who have continued to check in on my blog even though there's been nothing much to read, I want to thank you :) Your comments and the increasing number of people who view my page each day make me very happy! 

I'm also apologetic because I have hardly been commenting on the blogs I follow! No...I have NOT been commenting. My bad ladies and gents.

Now for an update that you all deserve:

I've been busy, if you couldn't tell. From work to family and friends, my life has consisted of working long days, stuffing my face afterwards, going out if I have the energy, spending time with the famjam, and seeing my friends and boyfriend. Last weekend, I went camping with my besties. It was a dramatic start, which I believe I've already said, but I did end up having the best time and I wish it never ended. Unfortunately, though, Monday morning will always arrive!

This past Wednesday night I went to my friend's house from camp who had everyone over. It was sort of a poop-show with all the drinking and throwing up, but I'm proud to say that I only had one cooler and that I got to catch up with the girls I work with! 

On the way home from the party, I had a heart to heart with one of the nicest girls I've ever met. She's beautiful and awesome in every way. We talked about insecurities and boys. Basically, we laid it all on the line. I learned that even though I may still be insecure about my body and some of my features, that I just have to embrace them and stop comparing myself to every person who comes my way. I know everyone I've come to befriend and love will tell me that I have nothing to worry about. However, sometimes when I look in the mirror, I still see the little chubby girl from back in my day. I don't like this part of me and I don't like that I dwell on something that should just be forgotten, but my goal is to make every day a day where I love every freckle and every curve of my body. Eighty percent of the time, I love the skin I'm in. But, it takes one bad second to make me second guess everything about me. In case you haven't noticed, I put a lot of pressure on myself. In time, I hope to grow out of this.

Tonight, I'm fiiinally seeing Tash. Jesus woman, I haven't seen you in so long! We're watching a movie at her house - LADIES NIGHT! However, I have a feeling that we will end up discussing our lives and letting the movie watch us. 

I don't know what this weekend brings but all I know is that I am really hungry from camp and the salmon and salad that are being made downstairs smell delicious. 



If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

I'm glad that you made another post again!!! At least you are super busy in your life and have a fun time.

I put a lot of pressure into myself too. Sometimes that pressure can strive us to doing our best and being successful!

Take care! :)

~Abby~ said...

That's okay. :) You're a busy girl!
That's good you're not so insecure. You definitely don't need to be from what I read what you write.
Have fun with Tash!!!

edk.dolce said...

Hey!! I gave you an award on my blog!!!

Bailey said...

Thanks for following my blog!

I like your blog, it's so interesting. I feel slightly stalker-ish, but I am going to spend some time reading it, I like your style :D

Anonymous said...


This post was interesting, how long did it take you to write?