Thursday, July 1, 2010

let's rejoice in the beautiful game.

I have to make up a dance to "Waving Flag" by K'naan, but the Celebration Remix, for work. I need to have some of it done by Monday and I'm struggling at the moment. I need to blast the song and go to my main floor where there is a hardwood abyss so I can dance and figure out what to choreograph, but my Dad worked the night shift last night and got in at 8:30am so he's fast asleep. If I wake him up I'll be in big crapola. That's my story.

Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians.
Have a good one.

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T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

backyard dancing lovely! when i was in dance thats where i used to practice during spring! just be careful not to roll your ankle.

hope your summer is going lovely!