Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day, work, school, and love.

It's been three years since I didn't have to work on Canada Day. Yesterday was the first time in ages that I got to experience the "Oh Canada" like I never have before, but unfortunately I didn't do very much. During the day, I helped my mom clear out some of the junk in our basement. We're apparently renovating it this summer and making it look like a part of our home again.

Years ago, my family and I went to Cape Cod. When we returned, our basement was flooded and everything got ruined. We had beautiful hardwood floors, and those, too, were destroyed. We took up everything and have been using the basement as storage for anything old that we're not sure whether or not to throw out. It's been getting a little crazy, though. So, my Dad took it into his own initiative to get rid of the old fridge and stove from down there as well as to start tearing up old ceramic tile. It's still a concrete dungeon, but I have a feeling that's going to change.

After I got rid of old plates, cups, beer glasses, and random bomboniere from weddings passed, I was bored out of my mind.

I was supposed to go see fireworks with my boyfriend but he was (still) under the weather so those plans were canceled out. Then at four my Dad came home with chicken burgers and decided to invite my grandmother, aunt, and cousin over to eat. After, we went to go see "Grown Ups," which was pretty funny. I certainly recommend you all to go and see it at some point.

I always hear of people going to parties or having Roman Candle fights out in the park on Canada Day, but mine have always been filled with spontaneous plans or working long hours. I guess I'd rather take the spontaneous plans over working the long hours, but yesterday I was going stir crazy.

I'm desperate for camp to start, ha. It's not about the money or any of that, but it's about being around people I have so much fun with, working with children, being active all day every day, and having the opportunity to make some money while I'm doing that. Bonus points for that last one. I swear, once camp starts I know I'll be busy and exhausted, but if this year is anything like last year, I know that the next seven or so weeks are going to be bomb.

And whattya know, after those seven weeks have come and gone, it's time to start getting ready for year three at the University of Guelph-Humber. Commuting, more text book buying, seeing my lovelies that I miss so much, learning, essay writing (yay...), and all of that. I am pretty excited for camp and school, as corny and nerdy as that sounds.

As for today, it's my three-and-a-half years anniversary with my boyfriend. I wanted to do something special and I guess he took that as "You plan!" So, now I'm stuck trying to plan something. I don't even know what to do, this town of mine is so boring.

In other news? Well, I want some spandex shorts really bad. That's about it.

The end.


~Abby~ said...

Now I'M excited for you to start camp! LMAO.
I kind of want school to start again. I'm just nerdy like that!
And even better. Do something for you bf that he wouldn't expect. Your town may seem borning, but go do something that no one else would do or think to do.

Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

Awww, three and half years? You guys are amazing.

If you haven't already done something, might I suggest going out for dinner somewhere classy-ish, and wear a cute dress, then rent a movie and spend the rest of the night in? :)

Also, I am SO. PUMPED. for school to start up again haha. I can already tell that within the first two weeks, we're gonna be on msn complaining about how much we have to do ;) haha. But that's life!

Hope your summer is going splendidly well! I'm so jealous about your summer camp job! Sounds like you're going to have an AMAZING time ♥