Tuesday, June 29, 2010

peace, love, and British accents.

Every time I read a book set in England, which is most of the time, I really wish I had a British accent. I feel like British humour, British accents, and British slang all go hand in hand. Sometimes, when I'm talking, I'll include a British accent without even knowing I'm doing it. I think that's because I'm a little odd...

Anywho, work is picking up so that's why I haven't been posting as much as I normally do. Today and tomorrow, I have training for camp, so I'll post more when I can... Whenever that is. 

Peace and love. :)


Georgia @ simplydirtyprettythings said...

hahahaha im english and i have an awful accent. I like the american version of a British accent that doesnt actually exist, like how the english people talk at ross off friends wedding. noone talks like that.


~Abby~ said...

I can talk in a britsh accent. :)

Anonymous said...

ahh, i have one of those british accents ;) haha. although i'm the same with south african accents. LOVE SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENTS.


Nat Elizabeth said...

Haha well I have to tell you, I'm British with a British accent (obviously) and AGES ago I once posted a video on my blog of myself talking, and all my American followers went mad about my accent...ha!

It's really not THAT great - I want an Australian accent!