Sunday, June 27, 2010

the good ol' future.

It's Sunday night and I'm bittersweet. I'm happy because summer is going fairly well. I'm happy because camp is starting soon (which means more money and less boredom). I'm happy because my grandmother is home, in her own house, after everything that has happened. Lastly, I'm happy that September isn't all that far away. I suppose it's weird to be so excited for school, but without the constant hustle and bustle of classes or the need to get work done, I sort of feel like I wake up in the morning with little to no purpose. I guess that will change once camp actually starts, but school has a different feel to it. 

I've always been the type to work hard in every thing I do. I don't mean to sound cocky or anything, but even in elementary school I'd bust my bum to get an 80 per cent or higher. In high school, I put in 100 per cent effort from the beginning. When I started university, I made sure that this technique didn't fade. I've been able to get an 80%+ average for the past two years. I want to bump that a bit higher and make it 85%+ for my final two! 

Tonight, I was looking up graduate programs to attend at Ryerson U, Carleton, Ottawa, York, McMaster, and Western. I'd love to eventually get my Masters in Communications at Ryerson or Carleton. It'd be even sweeter if I could go on to get my PhD in Communications at some point. I guess the point of all of this is that I've been seriously considering my future, lately.

I'm about to enter year three of my undergraduate degree, which will eventually leave me with two credentials after only four years of schooling. Where the heck do I go after Convocation in 2012? Well, it'd be amazing if I could land a sweet job wherever I complete my internship in fourth year to save up some money, get some more experience, and network for a summer. I'd have it made if I could work part time at this unknown place while getting my MComm. By the time that's all said, done, and paid for, I'd like to think that I'd have many more doors open than I do now. Well, I know I'd have many more doors open.

I have a lot of dreams. It's the time in my life where I'm about to have to start making those dreams all a part of my reality. Scary stuff.


~Abby~ said...

Yeah, I kind of miss school too. :/ I always do, but as soon as I get back, I'll wish it was summer break.
I also try very hard in school, and I make really good grades.
Just work as hard as you can, and I hope all of your dreams come true!

shelbyisms. said...

Not scary, exciting! :)