Tuesday, June 15, 2010

response to another anonymous comment I've received.

"Anonymous said...

You assume it was a man who left that comment? Now who's the sexist one?"
I never assumed that it was a male who left that comment (on my post about what my boyfriend's father said to me). When I wrote "I'd rather you just man up..." I was being general. I should have said "I'd rather you just own up" instead of "man" up. My apologies for making that hypocritical comment. I should have thought about what I was writing more thoroughly.

It'd still be nice if people who leave anonymous comments could write their names. I have the guts to write my thoughts on my blog and I'm encouraging every one who comes across it to comment. But, I'd also appreciate it if every one would own up to what they say.

Nevertheless, thank you for your comment.

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