Wednesday, June 16, 2010

park benches and sunsets.

I went out with a handsome someone tonight (my boyfriend). We didn't do anything too exciting. We went to Timmies, we went to Shoppers, we went to Best Buy, and we went to Petsmart. But, we also went to the park near my house and talked on the park bench while bunnies hopped by us and birds chirped above us.  Last summer, this park was a place where all of our deep, heated, potential break-up arguments took place. Screaming. Crying. Confusion. However, tonight it was something different. 

The look on his face when I hugged him near the baseball diamond begging him to kiss me one more time was more than mildly attractive. Taking silly photos with him on my phone on the bench was something we hadn't done in a long time. Laughing, doing cartwheels, and doing absolutely nothing at all with the person I love with my entire heart made tonight so much fun.

Nick also let it slip that he's planning on buying me an acoustic guitar. WHAT? I didn't know what to say then and I have no clue what to say now. All I do know, though, is that even if I don't get the acoustic he is planning on buying, I can't wait for more summer nights like these!


~Abby~ said...

ahh simple nights like that are the best. :)

Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

Oh my god. You two are ADORABLE!
I looooove nights like those :)


LETS JAMMMMM haha, even though I suck so bad.. :P But we can learn together! Woop woop!