Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

What a lovely day today has been. I woke up, worked out hardcore with one of my Biggest Loser DVDs, ate some lunch, walked to the bus station, bussed it to get my manicure and pedicure, bussed it back to the bus station, and walked home. I love my nails. They're this pinkish purple colour and they're really shiny! The salon I went to isn't the one I normally go to but I decided to try it out since my boss from my job as Events' Assistant at my school gave me a "SpaFinder Gift Card." The gift card was obviously applicable at the salon and spa I went to. It's called "Farah Salon and Spa" and is on Yonge Street just off of Major Mackenzie Drive in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Technically, I got a manicure and pedicure for under twenty bucks! If I hadn't had the gift certificate, I would have paid $70.00 for my spa treatment. That's crazy expensive. However, I never get my nails done and I really loved the way the lady, Reshan, did them, so I may have to reconsider!

I'm really ticklish and I have very sensitive toes but I didn't squeal or accidentally kick Reshan (my mom's kicked someone during a pedicure before) at all. She was so gentle. She told me her speciality is skin treatment so she was giving me all these tips to keep my fingers and toes moist and smooth. She told me to drink more water. I didn't think I could drink more water, but I'm going to take her advice!

Apparently, the salon is also Canada's number one place for hair styling. Imagine that!

The only problem I had with the salon was that their lawn wasn't cut and there were weeds everywhere. The spa is located in the centre of downtown Richmond Hill (it's not much of a downtown and I hardly spend any them there, but hey...) and is across some pretty nice condominiums so I expected the lawn to be cut and the leaves to have been pulled, but I guess their grass doesn't have anything to do with their service. 

So yes, I am very content with my nails. I finally feel like my hands and feet look decent. They hardly ever do. See, when I get nervous, tired, or bored, I bite and pull hang nails. It's not a pretty sight. However, every time I have nail polish on, I don't bite anything. I'm going to try really hard to keep my nails all beautiful for a little while longer. I don't know if I can keep any promises, but I'll give it a try.

During my journey to Farah's Salon and Spa, I encountered many interesting people. For one, I was honked at twice by a boy in a van. Then, I was honked at (ever so dramatically) by a random driving a truck owned by the city. Also, when I was crossing Yonge St. to get to the bus station, this creeper in his red Ford pick up stared me down. Jeez, a girl can't even wear cargo shorts, a white tank, and a jean jacket any more. If they honk at that, I wonder what would have happened if I was wearing fish nets.

I don't normally take the bus in Richmond Hill because, well, I've never had to. I'm lucky that my parents are available to drive me places when I need a ride and that my boyfriend has his own car. I don't expect people to drive me places but any time I need to take the bus, I find such an adventure in it. 

I stepped into the bus. Paid. Asked for a transfer, just in case. Looked up and saw twelve dirty looks staring me in the face. What did I do? Because I said "Thank you" to the bus driver? Because the bus driver said "For you, anything?" I can' help it...I try to make every one's day (actually I just have this gene in me that makes me nice to strangers). Then, when I was half way to my destination, the bus driver was finishing his shift and was waiting for his co-worker to get into the drivers' seat. This random, creepy, bearded, long haired dude behind me screams, "This guy's a lazy f*ck." Okay. Relax. He is just putting his seat belt on. 

On the way home from getting my nails done, the same thing happened. Every one looked at me like I was from a different planet when I walked onto the bus. It's as though all the people on the bus, who I had surprisingly never seen before, hated me for something I did to them. So, whatever, I found a spot near a pole to hang onto while the bus progressed down the street. Lo and behold, another creeper came my way. He was cute (not). He had long, curly hair and was sporting an unnecessary, tight, grey, v-neck. He also had a hairy chest and had a nasty gold chain around his neck. He was on the phone with his friend eyeing me down like he was about to eat me for dinner. I was so scared. As soon as it was our stop (yes, he got off at the same stop as me) I booked it fast.

Well that's my day in a nutshell. I'm seeing Tash tonight, which should be fun! Hope you've all had a good day.



starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

i actually don't ride buses anymore because of the creepers and starers. i think it is sad that guys make women feel this way :(
glad to hear you like your nails though!

If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

I wish I had nails like yours! I'm a compulsive nail-biter and I would love to have longer nails. :\

You got quite some attention today huh!? I kinda wish I had some guy attention.