Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I begin to get breathless, and my heart it keeps beating faster. I know I just can't take this, how much longer now? I'm getting ready... I'm getting ready to explode!

I've lost another pound. That means I've kicked three pounds and I have another nine pounds to go before I reach my goal weight. Whether or not I reach my weight goal, my sole purpose for eating healthy, exercising, and taking time for myself is to feel good on the inside and out! If it means I have to weigh 144 pounds for the rest of my life but have little fat on my arms, legs, and stomach, then I am all for it. I just want to be toned so I can feel confident.

The last time I weighed 144, I was in transition, like I am now. As I've said before, I was a very hefty little Italian girl throughout my youth. When I was about twelve/thirteen years old, I went on a no-carb diet with my mom because she had a major surgery she needed to prepare for. She encouraged me to do it with her. I lost a lot of weight and I've kept majority of it off (aside from these nine more pounds I'm trying to shed). After I finished my transition during my younger years (I feel old), I weighed 135 lbs. I was happy, confident, and I worked really hard to keep myself that way. 

However, I am older now and my body has changed in a number of ways. I am just excited that I'm closer to looking and feeling great. Once I reach my numeric and physical goal, I want to stay that way. I want to keep working out, keep eating healthy, and keep feeling great.

I have some of my closest friends to thank for motivating me to do this. These lovely two girls I'm talking about have lost so much weight in only about three weeks. They're on weight watchers, they go to the gym every single day, and you can see the transition not only on their bodies but in their eyes! I like knowing that we have another thing to relate us! 

I'm also in a really great mood because my mom prepared some lentils with tomato sauce for dinner. Lentils virtually have no fat and are great for balancing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. I think I'm going to invite my grandmother, who has just recently been diagnosed with diabetes, over for dinner. The lentils will be great for her :).

Before I go and start my cardio work out with my Biggest Loser DVD (honestly they actually work), I just want to give everyone a few diet tips that fill you, taste amazing, and keep your body free of toxins.

- Drink lots of water! If you like lemon water, be sure to drink lots of that too. Lemons are great for cleansing your body and regulating the digestive system.

- Eat tonnes of greens! String beans, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, etc. Green veggies are low in calories but have enough carbohydrates so you stay full and energized longer! Don't like veggies but love salad? Make a mixed greens salad with leaf lettuce, spinach, arugula, and any other favourite lettuce you have!

- Keep a positive mindset! Eating right can sometimes be stressful. We always expect that one day of eating healthy can have a drastic change on the scale but really, these changes don't happen over night. However, keeping your mind in the right place with your head strong on your shoulders will start your transition on the inside just in time for physical changes on the outside to occur. 

- Stay motivated! I find that when I listen to encouraging words, listen to pump up and positive music, and tell my loved ones about how I've been working hard to be healthy, I am so motivated to do even more. 

If I can do it, so can you :)

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~Abby~ said...

Yay good job Leviana!
:) Thanks for the tips.