Tuesday, May 18, 2010

are ee ess pee ee see tee (respect).

It's disrespectful when guys whistle at girls, say things to girls at a club (like "oh I like your skirt"), honk their horns while a girl minding her own business is walking down the street, and when they think it's okay to belittle a girl as if their only purpose is to be a sexual being.

I'm not flattered when I walk down the street and someone honks. It makes me feel worthless and like I should be standing on a street corner. Sometimes life can get interesting and a little flirty when cute boys pay even taken girls attention, however, disrespectful, distasteful, and unnecessary cat calling is something all gentlemen guys should learn to do without. For the record, I would never cheat on my boyfriend and when (and if) I get any attention from the opposite sex, I feel awkward and as if I need to run away and find Nick so I can be safe and free of harm. Cheating is disgusting, whether you've done it, whether you've been the girl a boy is cheating on his girlfriend with (or the other way around), or whether you're a victim of unfaithfulness. I'm simply saying, that life can get interesting and flirty.

Giving a girl the wrong attention can lead to many different things. For starters, it can lead to that girl craving victimization. It can lead to that same girl only falling for guys who control them and have the upper hand. It can cause a lot of problems that could be avoided if guys had more respect for girls and if girls had more respect for themselves.

Today when I was walking to the bus station, I felt as if I was being victimized. I wanted to come home and wash the nasty honks and stares off of me by jumping into the shower. 

It's my pet peeve when guys think it's okay to treat a girl like they're the patty between two buns, theirs to enjoy, devour, and abuse. It's even worse when girls think it's okay to be the patty between two buns, allowing their good natured sick in the head boyfriends take advantage of them.

Ladies, open your eyes at the back of your heads. Don't let something as distasteful as a cat call flatter you. Guys with the tendency to flake, stand you up, disrespect you, abuse you, control you, and manipulate you aren't the ones you should be spending time with.


~Abby~ said...

Yes, it is sick, and I hate it!
The guys that girls actually like is the one in the middle of the crowd NOT doing that...
that's just me.

Ellen said...

Yeah i totally agree, well said.
('You go glen coco!' haha.)



tiana lachelle said...

I say that all the time.
They think that it's attractive, and that it turns us on, when really it does just the opposite.
I don't understand it.

currrrrrrrha. said...

I wish someone would publish your blog, not just saying that cuz I'm your friend.