Wednesday, May 5, 2010

dance in the dark.

I actually slept for a full 9 hours last night. I haven't done that since I was on residence. I feel so great right now like I could tackle absolutely anything, even the potential thunder storm that's supposed to happen today. I'm normally getting ready to go for a walk right now, but I'm a little nervous that I'm going to get rained on...

Should I be? I haven't legit walked with rain falling on me in forever. The rain feels nice on my skin. The lightning, however, has some danger attached to it. I don't want to get electrocuted, that would suck.

I'm going Kick Boxing tonight with Cass, Vic, and Cara. I'm so excited. Apparently, the instructor makes his students do two minutes of push ups. Ummmmm, what? My arms are strong but they're not THAT strong. Oh well, after twelve weeks of this stuff I'm sure I'll be in great shape (haha, well I'm hoping).

Oh, I got my Yogen Fruz last night. Nick and I went on a little date and I got my strawberry mango, no suger, no fat, small delicious dessert. Mmm, it was so good. Then, we went to the park near my house and sat on the rocks above the baseball diamond and just talked. He brought me home just in time to watch Glee and the Hills. I love Glee and the Hills was so intense. Spencer, you're freaking INSANE BOY. Lauren Conrad was so right about you, little fella.

I'm going to take a risk and go for a walk. If it rains, I'll make my way home from wherever I am. I think I'll just stick to my walk and Kick Boxing today. My abdomen area is on fire right now (it's hurting so bad) so I'm going to give thaaat a little rest.

Have a good one. XOXO


~Abby~ said...

I love walking in the rain. And I love lightning as well, as long as I don't get electrocuted!!! Haha. ;)
Ahh I'm glad you're feeling good!

Ellie the Elephant said...

i love the smell of rain.
9 hours sleep? wow. i haven't seen 9 hours sleep since august!