Wednesday, May 5, 2010

can't touch this.

I'm just sitting in my room listening to Glee's version of "U Can't Touch This" and jamming away. :)

I'm so happy. I own a really cute jean skirt from American Eagle that used to fit me a few years ago, but I had gained some narsty weight since I could last wear it comfortably, aaand today I decided to try it on and see if it fit. Guess what? It did! No fat hanging over, either. Well, maybe a little bit (haha) but I'm going to keep working on that.

I went out for lunch with my mom today and instead of getting a regular pad thai I got some steamed rice and chicken. I think that's a healthier choice than a pound and a half of noodles, baha (not literally). Tonight, I'm eating mushrooms, green beans, and veal cutlets. No carbs! :) I'm proud of what I ate today.

Plus, this morning I walked and ran. My boyfriend suggested that I walk for a bit then run a little bit too so I did that! It felt good. I shortened the distance I normally go, though, since Kick Boxing is tonight. My muscles were really sore today so I decided to give them a break - but not too much of one. I'm excited to start exercising with the girls. It'll be really fun and awesome to see results in each of us. GO GIRLS, GO GIRLS!


It's so gorgeous outside and I should probably go soak up the sun with my book before the rain starts, this evening. Turns out, there was no storm this morning because Mother Nature is saving it ALL for tonight.


~Abby~ said...

Yay, kickboxing sounds so fun! :)
It's funny, because in health class right now we're on the "food chapter" (you know with like the food groups and fiber foods and what foods have all kinds of carbohydrates "carbs" have in them...)
Have a lovely afternoon!

Anonymous said...

haha sounds pretty cool.