Friday, April 2, 2010


I sucked it up and went downstairs to take the laundry out of the washer. I kept looking behind my back while in the laundry room because that's where my mom saw the black cape thing-a-ma-bob. My dad was snoring on the couch upstairs so every time he took a deep breath I jumped. He snores really loud. I was so scared.

When I walked from the laundry room, across the hall, and to the next room over to hang the wet clothes I felt like I was in a horror film. I wasn't breathing. I was walking really slow and when I pushed the old wooden door open, it creeked, I jumped, and I scurried into the room with my eyes closed hoping that there was no one there. 

My family sort of has this weird connection with the dead. Once, my aunt walked into my grandmother's basement (where every one in our family has spent every Christmas, New Years Eve, St. Anthony, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday brunch) a few days either before or after, I can't remember, my great-aunt passed away. There was this woman in a white cape standing in the door way staring at my aunt. This woman then disappeared. She is known as "the white cape" and every time I see a flash of white, I am thankful that it is white and not black but I still run as fast as I can to the next floor or room.

I have so many stories about these creepy encounters. I'll tell a few more :)

My mom once had her gall bladder removed. The surgery was over night. When she woke up in the morning and was about to go to the bathroom, she sat up. With the medicine from the surgery still inside of her, she began to fall asleep sitting up-right at the edge of the hospital bed. She said at that point - seconds before she fell unconscious - she felt a hand touch her right shoulder and the voice of my deceased great-aunt (not the same one as in the first story) say, "Barb - don't fall asleep."

This great-aunt was also my Confirmation sponsor. I have a story somewhere in my earlier blog posts where I talk about losing her and how hard it was. My entire family is still very close to her son and his wife. They're like siblings to every one. When my great-aunt died, though, my mom and my brother were the only ones in the hospital room with her. Her son and his fiancee - at the time - had just stepped out to shower and catch a few hours of sleep. My mom and my brother heard my great-aunt take her last breath. Obviously in great dismay, my mom and my brother stared at my aunt for a few seconds. They say that they saw her hand fold into a position as if she were holding someone else's. A soft smile also took form on her lips.

I actually had a dream of my great-aunt where she was telling me to close the blinds because it was too bright. I woke up in the morning trying to figure out why she was telling me this when my grandmother (her sister) called and said - "Leviana, I went to the cemetery this morning and there was so much light on Franca's (my great aunt's) grave." Woah! 

Shortly after my great-aunt died (August 13, 2004), my grandmother had my family over her birthday. Just before we arrived, she said that her house phone began ringing. When she picked up, there was no one there. However, my great-aunt's old house number appeared on the screen. My grandmother - obviously freaked out - hung up the phone. The light on the phone that shows whether or not someone is still talking, did not go out. So, my grandmother went upstairs to find that her upstairs phone also had my great-aunt's number on the screen.

Yeah, pretty intense stuff. I honestly think that the reason for my belief in God and heaven is because these events have all happened during my life. I call myself a Catholic because I believe in God and all of Jesus' teachings. However, there are an abundance of things within the Catholic Church that I absolutely cannot stand. I think that if we all took a step back and stopped living with these rules that the Church provides us with and follow the Golden Rule that any prophet has taught - do unto others as you would like done unto you - our world would be a much better place. 

Look at Pope Benedict the XVI - he's been covering up this sexual assault scandal where preists have been taking advantage of children!! He also said that people in Africa shouldn't use condoms - WHAT IF THEY HAVE AIDS? BAH!! It get's me so nervous. Oh and another completely irrational rule - no gay marriage. Pssshhhhh. Please! Gays and lesbains love too!

That's my ramble for the day... I hope you enjoyed it! 

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