Friday, April 2, 2010

i'm still full.

I hope you all enjoyed your Good Friday - whether or not you celebrate it! Today is supposed to be a time to cherish loved ones, to be thankful for the life we live, and to love no matter the costs. Whether you're Christian, Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, an agnostic, or an atheist - I hope today was as beautiful as the weather.

My day went pretty well! I ate tonnes of food and for dessert - instead of cheating - I ate watermelon and other delicious fruit. My Zia tried to get me to eat the Cinnamon bread she made (because technically it wasn't cake) but I declined and said "I can't! Maybe I'll try it tomorrow." She said, "Lent doesn't end until Sunday." Every one agreed with her which means that I can't eat chocolate tomorrow morning. I have to wait until Easter Sunday to devour the Kinder Eggs I got today. I'm pretty upset about that, but I guess the extra wait will make the chocolate and desserts taste that much better on Sunday morning.

My cousins and I also dyed Easter eggs today. I made a teal one but my little cousin decided to adopt my egg and dye him some more. He placed my egg into the orange dye. When he took it out, it was brown. My eggs always turn out brown and I just really wanted this year's to be a pretty one. Even though I couldn't check that off of my To-Do list, it was great seeing my little cousin laugh at the ugly brown colour the egg became.

My other Zia's little baby boy was there with the us today! He's just over a month old and he's finally opening his eyes a little more. My mom even got him smiling today - too cute. He's already gotten so big!! 

My day wouldn't have been the same if discussions about dead people, creepy encounters, and the like were not a topic over dinner. Yes, my family reminisced about times when they were in a place where they felt/saw something. My Zia and my cousin were talking about this one time - a short time before my grandfather passed away - where they both saw a dark shadow thing creeping in my grandfather's bedroom. I'm procrastinating right now because if I go to sleep that means it will be dark and when it's dark, I can't see what's in front of me. 

I'm pretty scared again but I'm going to try not to think about it.

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kInterisano said...

I gave up chewing gum for Lent so I totally understand where you're coming from. I can't wait to chew Bubbalicious again and blow bubbles all day long.

Also... are you busy this Wednesday from 11-12? I'm doing my practical exam for Studio and I need a model! Help?!