Friday, April 2, 2010

foggy mirror.

I forgot to mention this in my last post:

The second I walked into my grandmother's house today she said, "We are going to celebrate Grandpa's life!" (I know I'm Italian and the more standard name for grandparents are 'Nonno and Nonna' but my grandmother on my dad's side refuses to be called such because she thinks it makes her sound older...)

Anyways - today, my cousin went to use the washroom and when she came out she said, "Leviana, the mirror in the bathroom is foggy - as if someone just took a shower." No one has showered in that washroom since my grandfather was alive and well.

Another one of my cousins (in case you didn't get it, I have a lot) went to use the washroom after and came out saying the same thing! 

My dad turned around and said, "You know who used to shower in there, right?"

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