Thursday, April 1, 2010

good friday plans, easter eggs, and shadows.

My grandmother makes these really amazing homemade fried donuts on Good Friday (which happens to be tomorrow). My cousins also make a lot of delicious cheese cake. My zia (aunt) makes an abundance of chocolate truffle, too. Surprise, surprise - I can't eat any of those things.

But, I can - and I am so stoked to - eat the pasta with tomato sauce and tuna that my grandmother makes. I know it sounds kind of gross...but to be completely honest, the tuna loses its fishy flavour and makes the tomato sauce taste too freaking good for words. Mmm, she even makes pasta with shrimp. There's some pasta with anchovies too but, in all honesty, I won't go near that. Narstyyyy! 

Besides the anchovies (blah) and the lack of sugar in my diet tomorrow, I am pretty pumped to spend the day with my family! We (meaning my famjam) normally dye hard boiled eggs with our little cousins. Mine always come out looking like an interesting shade of purple and brown in one

When my aunt was still alive about six or seven years ago, my family decided it would be funny to dye the tip of her dog's tail. For the entire day, KC (the dog) ran around with green egg dye on his bum. Haha, too cute. I should've taken a photo.

I just realized that tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the death of my grandfather. I miss him so much but I won't get all sappy with you... 

Speaking of death (ah), I was doing laundry earlier and I'm petrified to go back downstairs and take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer. I sort of have this theory that my basement is haunted. I sometimes see shadows and random flashes of white. Once, my mom saw a creeper black flash/cape thing in the laundry room. AHHH.

Now I'm getting really scared so I'm going to stop blogging and go downstairs and watch hockey with my dad. I'm sorry mom, I can't go take the clothes out of the washer. I'm too scared for words.

Shadows - you are too scary. Please go away if you have evil intentions. 

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Barry said...

Okay, I swear to God this is true. Sandy and I were in our old apartment, she was in the front room watching TV and I was in the back.

As I walked up the hall I heard a man's voice as clear as day say, "Oh you can hear me." There was no one else in the apartment and no men living next door.

I never had anything like that happen before or since.