Saturday, April 17, 2010

i'm in over my head, right where I wanna be.

How is it already 4:30pm? All I've done today is study (with a few breaks every now and then). I was able to read over all of my notes for my Subcultures exam yesterday and at night, after I got home from hanging out with Nick, I started rewriting them. I finished rewriting them all today. I think I have a pretty good grasp on things already. I will re-read my notes tonight, condense them again tomorrow, and begin memorizing tomorrow and Monday night.

After the Subcultures exam is done, I have to really focus on my Desire and Discontent exam. It shouldn't be too bad - since my professor pretty much gave us information on what content to study - but Desire and Discontent requires tonnes and tonnes of thinking.

I'll tell myself this - I'll focus on Subcultures. I'll start studying for Desire and Discontent after my exam on Tuesday and continue after work on Wednesday and Thursday and then have a cram/study session with Ashlee (and whoever else wants to come, of course) on Friday. I hope that does enough for me.

I have no clue what I'm getting in Desire an Discontent. I got an 80 per cent on the mid term and then a 75 per cent on my first case study. I haven't received marks back for my second case study or my final paper. My professor is a really hard marker so I'm hoping that my unmarked work will be at graded at least a 75 per cent or higher. 

In other marks news...I got a 90 per cent on my feature for my Radio Broadcasting class. My professor said that I got one of the highest marks in the class. This made me quiiiite happy and gave me a boost of confidence for my exams because hey, if I can get an amazing grade from my interesting Radio lab professor, then I can do anything. Yeah...right...


Hope Chella said...

that song is amazing! xx

Hope :)

Tee said...

good job on the 90 per cent (:
wow study sucks :\ i know how you feel i've had a load of work to do over the holidays.

good luck with everything!