Saturday, April 17, 2010

so good by destiny's child.

This song is my jam. If I were at a club right now with my girlfriends, I'd totally request "So Good." I highly doubt the DJ would even have it, but I'd give it a shot.

I just want to sing and dance. Correction - I am singing and dancing in my room in my house that is both freezing cold and silent (besides for Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly singing about how they're doing mighty fine). Besides the fact that my hands hurt from studying all day, I'm doing mighty fine myself.

I am a bit hungry though. See, I'm trying to get down to 135lbs (since that's my ideal weight) so I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can and stop eating when I'm bored. I just started feeling hungry, since the snack I ate (a pear) at around 2:30pm is probably wearing off. Dinner will be soon though! My dad just went to pick up my brother and then we're going to cook some food :)

Hope you've all had a great day! 


If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

I LOVE destiny's child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always sing and dance to their songs! I'm actually listening to them right now!!! :D

christina said...

Thank you for the follow.
I'll be following back.
Great blog, keep writing!

~Abby~ said...

Thanks for following me! :)
Your blog is lovely, and I'm following you on tumblr as "thesoapqueen." Follow me!

~Abby~ said...

Thanks for following me! :) Your blog is lovely! I'm following you too.
Oh, and I love your pictures on tumblr, I just realized that is you!

Francesca said...

Thanks for following me, I'm following you now!
Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

Helen said...

Thank you for your comment, it was lovely.
I love singing and dancing around my room but I always have to be alone at home, too scared of what everyone would think of me. Its fun though!
Hope you have a lovely sunday, xo.