Saturday, April 17, 2010

you gave me the best mixtape I have.

I got Nick his ukulele finally! Instead of hanging out today, he called me last night and asked if I was free. Instead of studying all night like I wanted to, I went out to get his ukulele and then he took me for ice cream. He's working today, which was why he had to change the plans, but normally he would just say he couldn't come out. I'm happy that this is happening. He's trying really hard to be better. That's not to say that he's bad, because he's not. He's actually quite great. But, when I see him become a little more selfless every single day, it makes me smile.

Another example  - last night he asked if I wanted to go to Dairy Queen. I hate Dairy Queen. I love Baskin Robbins, though. I just settled for Dairy Queen because I would feel bad making him come to Baskin Robbins for me. I just feel better when I try to be as selfless as I can. I don't expect anything in return. So whatever, we're driving to DQ and he quickly switches lanes and goes into the Baskin Robbins parking lot instead. It made me happy. He's never done something like that before.

I like where we are, right here.

I like knowing that we're going to be okay.

I like knowing that this summer is going to be different than last.

Now, time to study!


Lola said...

hey hun. thank you so much for the comment on my blog. it totally made my day and made me feel better. now, i am doing this for myself. i want to be happy with myself. yes we can definitely do this together!!

looking at the pictures on your blog, just makes me so jealous girl!! you are gorgeous. beautiful. i hope you can see that. your blog is so cute and fun to read. you seem like such an awesome, artsy, lovely person.

the boy seem amazing!! you lucky girl!! :)

glad you are well.
with love,

lola :)

Lola said...

oh i dont know if i mentioned this, but i posted my post before i got into the shower by accident. if you want to see the other pics and what not you can now. im sorry. if you dont its totally cool, no problem. just wanted to let you know :)