Monday, March 1, 2010

take that, kessler.

The CN Tower in Toronto stands while glowing Gold, yesterday after Canada wins the game, the gold, and the title as hockey champions. The city of Toronto also ignited last night. Riots, parties, screams, and much more filled Dundas Square. Some even celebrated the win against Canuck and American, Ryan Kessler. Kessler told the Toronto Star prior to the first battle of North America this Olympic season that he hates Canada and the Canadian Team. Well Kessler, you stand as a Canuck in the NHL but remember, you will always be the American who exclaimed hatred towards your neighbours to the North. Oh, and you will always be on the American team in our hearts. Let us have our hockey, we own it anyway.


ctrl + ♥ said...

totally loving this blog babes.


Lketchup said...

So I read the title and was like, "WHOA. That's the name of my dorm building." haha just thought I'd share.
And although I am from the states... I accept defeat. I love the Wings. But we didn't win. I'm not hatin' on Canada for that. Just thought I'd make that clear.
Anyway, good post dear! :)