Monday, March 1, 2010

all seems better.

No Black Eyed Peas song will ever tell you how great today is going to be.
Take a deep breath and hold it.
Let it out for the same amount of time that which you held it in.
Today is all yours.
You will walk your path, tall and strong.
Your face will be shining at the sun, whether that sun be the artificial pot lights of your school's cafeteria/student centre or the real thing.
We can never ask for more than what today has given us:
- a new day,
- a new week, and
- a fresh start.
Remember to breathe.
Remember to smile.
You control your moods and your actions.
No one else can dictate what is right for you.
Go through today strong and proud,
not only because Canada kicked ass yesterday,
but also because you've managed to get through every week before this one.
This week will bring the least of your troubles your way.
This is your life
and you were given today to live.
Never forget for one second how beautiful you are on the inside and out.
No one should be able to tell you the value of your beauty,
for if they did that, they would not know beauty at all.

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