Wednesday, February 3, 2010

worst selling tactic: come have sex in our washroom.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen, just east of Dufferin St. and south of King St., in downtown Toronto is promoting sexual activity this Valentine's Day weekend in their unisex washrooms. Though they will not be providing condoms for the participants, they are hiring a maid to clean the washroom more often than normal. 

Apparently, Mildred's Temple is on the list of the top "101 places to have sex before you die."

What about the health conditions? Well, Toronto Public Health says that as long as there is no love making going on in the kitchen or in the actual restaurant/dining room, then it's a-okay. 

My apologies to those who disagree with me but, having sex in a public restroom is absolutely disgusting. I have enough trouble going to pee in one while I'm out to dinner and now I have to be worried of other bodily fluids floating around? 

I understand that sex in public bathrooms is probably more common than I want to know, but the fact that Mildred's Temple is using it to sell their location on Valentine's Day weekend makes me want to vomit.

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Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

what the hell?! Who on Earth would want to have sex in a place (a bathroom at that) where they KNOW that other couples have done it? That's so nasty...