Wednesday, February 3, 2010

strike deadline pushed back.

The Ontario Colleges set a strike deadline for February 11 on Monday but have now changed the date to Febraury 17.

Fifty-seven per cent of Ontario College professors voted to strike if they could not agree with the union. However, teachers don't really want to strike. If the union pushes them to do so, 200,000 students will be out of classes. I'm not even sure if I am counted in that large number because I attend an Ontario University, but I should be because I'm going to be getting screwed over nonetheless.

I sort of wish the strike deadline was still on February 11 because then I'd be able to pack all my clothes and belongings as well as print off all my readings to take home with me over reading week in preparation for a strike. However, since the deadline has been pushed to February 17, I have a slight feeling of hope telling me that maybe there won't be a strike and I can continue living my life like a normal University student.

In other words, don't strike Ontario Colleges. As much as it'd be amazing to get an extra few weeks off from classes, I would like to finish second year on time.

Love always,

A concerned university student (among many others).

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