Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i always have a tendency to read way too much into things.

My horoscope keeps telling me to reach out for someone to talk to and to get tonnes of rest because I'll need it. What does that mean?

I know a horoscope is just an astrological paragraph written to describe the average behaviours of someone of a certain sign and they may not even be right, but lately they have been very accurate. Sometimes these stupid little paragraphs prepare me for the worst.

My horoscopes even put me in a certain mindset to prepare to stand up for myself. Then, when I see someone/something I feel I need to stand up to, I am so rude. I don't know if I should blame that on my horoscope, PMS, or the fact that I read way too much into everything, but it happens.

I've also noticed that I have lost a confidence I once had around others. I used to be sturdy in the shoes on my feet, but I often find that I crumble at the sight of an awkward situation. I lose everything I've ever believed in. I let words spill out of my mouth and thoughts (over)consume my head. Then, when I am out of the situation I wish I still had time to choke on the words and blink the thoughts away. Sometimes these thoughts linger to the point of confusion. Screw you brain. Stop this nonsense. 

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