Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's 1:27 a.m.

Today was successful. I went to zumba again with Ashlee, Teal, and Kristina before my class. I saw Nick for a bit after. He fell asleep in my room when I went to the gym and tucked my Pooh Bear (who has no tail, by the way) in the blankets beside him. Cute. Then, I went to class and yoga! Afterwards, I ate some interesting pork tenderloin from the res dining hall (I hadn't eaten meat in a few days and figured it'd be a good call to get some protein in me and oh hey there was some narst pork to go straight to my thighs that I chowed down on). 

I got a lot of homework done today as well. I finished my readings for the week and I think I'm well underway for my Culture Jamming assignment. So, as of now my priorities are sleeping, studying, and finding some legit meat to consume in the next few days. 

At the current moment, I am lying in my bed with a towel on my head as my eyes are closing one fragment at a time. That is my cue to head to sleep. Goodnight blogworld.

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