Monday, February 15, 2010

when the canadian team takes their stance, i feel a little spark of hope and happiness inside me.

Yays and Nays:

Firstly, happy belated Valentine's Day to everyone (whether you celebrated it or not). Secondly, congratulations Canada and Alexandre Bilodeau for winning our first gold medal on Canadian soil. Thirdly, rest in peace Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in training on the luge track in Vancouver before the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics.

An update from me:

Everything is better on my end. Yesterday, my boyfriend came to my house with a bouquet of pink roses, the Glee season, and the cutest teddy bear. Then, he took me skiing. We drove up to Mt. St. Louis, just north of Barrie. I've only been downhill skiing one time before yesterday, but apparently I'm not that bad at it. I only fell one time and, though I am still a beginner, picked up amazing speech each time I skied down the hill. Then, we went for dinner at my boyfriend's house with his family and some family friends!

When I got home, I watched the figure skating short program pairs competition and felt a little sad when the two Canadian teams were pushed down into fourth and fifth place. Today, during the free skate, they have a chance to get the gold, silver, or bronze. Preferably a gold, guys.

As for now, I'm lying in my bed dying of heat because my mom bought an area rug for my room that now serves as a thermos and a dust collector. I woke up with my nose stuffed and my forehead all sweaty. Nonetheless, it is a pretty cute carpet.

Today in good old Ontario it is Family Day. I have no idea what I am going to do today, but I wanted to go to the Toronto Zoo with my mom. I just heard her get up, I need to go convince her that the polar bears and elephants at the zoo are totally worth this holiday.

If that doesn't happen, though, I'm going to spend today studying for my midterm in about a week. Yes, it's Reading Week and I actually have to read. That sucks :P


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I know what you mean, I need wood or tile or my nose gets stuffy too. It's cute how you root for Canada!