Tuesday, February 16, 2010

trust, love, and all that.

Good morning blogworld,

Yesterday, I did not go to the Zoo, but I did get 7 hours of note writing done along with some parking practice (I suck), Glee watching, Skype talking, and Canada cheering. It was a pretty productive day!

Today, I am going to bring my hair straightener to get fixed. It broke-again. This time, I didn't even drop it! Thank goodness I still have a really old straightener from grade 9 that works like a pro to tame my fro.

I am also going to pick up Vic and Cass and bring them to my house where we will eat soup and watch several hours of Glee. Glee date! I am so pumped.

On the other, more philosophical, hand...

The other day, my mom told me that she had a conversation with another hockey mom about how some girls are crazy and obsessive. My mom turned to the lady and said "It depends on the girl. My daughter sees her boyfriend a few times a week but before they went to the same school, they hung out once every two weeks. They've been dating for three years. Their relationship is mutual. If one of them can't hang out that weekend, they make plans for the next." You have to be able to live in your own skin and not just alongside somebody else's.

Then, I saw the above picture on Tumblr and immediately loved it. A lot of girls live their lives wanting a boyfriend before they even love themselves. If they happen to find a boy during this time period, they become overly dependent on their boyfriends to the point where they become obsessed with spending every free moment with them! Every second that is spent away from the boyfriend leaves the girl feeling insecure-to the point where they think they aren't loved-thus craving more time with him.

You can't be in a healthy relationship without being happy alone.

Some girls, though, think that a boyfriend will fix all of their problems-insecurities, mostly. Truth is, a boy can't do any of that for you. You need to come to terms with your physical and emotional aspects all on your own!

I am a firm believer that we can be happy in this world whether we are single or in a relationship. I'd prefer to be in a healthy relationship where I could prosper on an individual and group level. When I say prosper, that doesn't mean sucking all of my boyfriend's free time away from him.

Maybe I'm wrong and instead, like Aristophanes said, we are supposed to live our entire lives longing for our other halves inside us and around us. Though I love spending time with my boyfriend, I do respect him and the time we sometimes need apart.

A lot of this has to do with trust, which is definitely hard to come by. However, you can't say you love someone without being able to trust them. So, all you girls and guys who think you love your partners, make sure you really trust them before you say those three words again. Trust means that you're okay with them going to work and being around other girls. Trust means that you don't need to creep their inbox on their e-mail, phone, and Facebook. Trust means that you know your boyfriend is faithful and will not stray.


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Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Obviously you and your boyfriend are comfortable spending time apart but some relationships aren't like that. Sometimes BOTH partners need to be around each other all the time. I use the word "need" loosely, because yes, obviously you CAN be apart, but you don't want to be.

As for "creeping" inboxes, sometimes partners do that not because they are looking for dirt, but because they are genuinely curious. There's a line between one partner being "obsessed" and a mutual obsession.