Tuesday, February 16, 2010

somebody to lean on.

I believe that it is unhealthy to constantly be curious about one's lover's whereabouts and doings.

I believe it shows lack of trust when two people apart of a relationship can't go to sleep without obsessing over (not thinking about or missing) their lover.

I believe that with true love, comes good communication. What is left unsaid has a right to be heard, on both parts.

I believe that girls have a tendency to mold themselves according to what their boyfriends' aspire them to be; skinnier, smarter, more tanned, more talented, etc.

I believe that we are all vulnerable beings and all need someone to lean on.

I believe that we need to somewhat overcome this vulnerability on our own before leaning on someone so we can, in turn, learn who we are as an individual before coming to know somebody else.

I believe that friendships will always come and go but the ones that stay and never wither, no matter what storm they fight through, are necessities.

I believe that we are born with the potential to take on anything. It is what we do with this potential, through experiences and curiosity, that gets us to our future.

I believe that honesty is the best policy. One must be balanced and respectful.

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