Saturday, February 13, 2010

i haven't posted in a while, my bad.

Last night I went to pub with Tash and Kris. It was so much fun and I definitely need to cool it on the four/five shots within a span of twenty minutes prior to even getting to the pub and after 2.5 litres of mixed drinks. What can I say, I'm just so classy...

I'm going to take a break from drinking for a while, though. It's really fun when you're in the moment but the lack of sleep, the extra calories, and the stories explaining what really happened the night before are too costly to spend every couple of weeks.

In other news:

I'm home for reading week. I spent the night with my family and at the casino with some of my girlfriends. I won $49.00-sweet.

I'm a little cheesed right now because apparently I'm easy to ignore and forget. Apparently, the problems I think are important are really issues that I shouldn't be worried about. Apparently, making an effort to plan something for Valentine's Day is too hard to accomplish.

I'm annoyed. I don't ask for much. I'm not jealous, I'm not psycho, I don't creep your personal life, I give you space, I don't consume your time, I don't need to see you every day, I support you in everything. I'm selfless and you're selfish. It's been this way since day one and you always promise me you'll change, but you don't. You sit and dwell on your life and the thought of even asking how my life is going either doesn't come at all or comes only after your finished telling your stories.

I know you won't even read this because you only check my blog when I say "Oh, go check my blog I posted something cute."

If you are reading this by some strange force of nature, know that it hurts to know you're sleeping peacefully and I'm outraged.

I need to think of how I'm seeing Cass tomorrow afternoon.

Goodnight blogworld, thanks for being my therapy.

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Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

I hope you're okay lovely.. I know how difficult relationships can be at times, but I know that your boy loves you. A lot. And so do I! (probably even more ;) let's ditch our bfs and become lesbos? Okay cool :P)

But seriously, hope you've got it all sorted out by now.♥