Tuesday, February 9, 2010

news update 101.

The news these past few weeks has gone from devastating Haiti updates to stories about Adam Giambrone (Toronto Transit Commission Chair and potential Mayor of the city) and about a man who was banned from two Tim Hortons locations in New Brunswick for complaining about coffee.

Giambrone's story is juicy and full of controversial text messages, e-mails, and potential campaign droppers. According to the Toronto Star, Giambrone, 32, began seeing a woman named Kristen Lucas when she was only 19-years-old. Now 20, Lucas said that she has been seeing Giambrone for about a year. She reported to having sex with him on a couch in his City Hall office. Giambrone apologized for his actions calling them a "serious lapse in judgment."

Giambrone insists that he and Lucas only met in public places and met her mother once when dropping her off at home. Apparently, Giambrone told Lucas about the TTC price hike before it became official. Lucas then informed her mother of the hike but swore she wouldn't say a peep to anyone else.

The catch? Giambrone is living with a woman named Sarah McQuarrie, whom he explained to Lucas to be just someone he was with for the campaign. Where is your campaign going now Mr. Giambrone?

As for the Tim Hortons drama, a man named Jimmy Craig complained about his decaffeinated coffee tasting burnt. Tim Hortons said that Craig complained about this half a dozen times. Craig, however, insists that he was just making a comment about a problem with the consistency of their coffee. In the end, he was banned from two Timmies in New Brunswick.

My question, what happens when you complain about the actual mistreatment of customers in a Timmies? I always seem to get the workers who hate their job and do not give me my order correctly. What would happen if I complained about that? Oh, I just did.

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