Saturday, January 23, 2010

zumba, vampires, and dancing to oldies.

Last night, I went to a Zumba class at the gym with Ashlee and Teal and then Teal and I had a dinner date. Zumba was amazing and so fun. It did tire me out and my muscles are a bit achey this morning, but I want to continue to practice! I'm the type of person that would rather do something fun but also physical to get into shape. I like going on the elliptical and using the bike, but I can't stand treadmills or weight-lifting--not to mention I can't run for the life of me.

I've noticed a change in my legs and my arms, they've become more toned since I started my yoga-zumba frenzie. My stomach is what I need to put the emphasis on, but I'm sure that comes with time.

As for supper, Teal and I ate a spinach salad with our choice of toppings, haha. Delicious! After dinner, we parted ways and I went up to my room to have the most relaxing shower.

I then did some homework and got through quite a lot. I read an article for Radio Broadcasting and I figured out what I would talk about in the narrative speech I have to present this Thursday.

My topic is based on a funny story from my childhood. I always looked like the picture-perfect child with a bright shirt, a black skort, some nylons, and authentic leather shoes. This one day that I was wearing this outfit, I played freeze tag at recess and ended up getting pushed over by the person who was "It" and he ripped my nylons and scuffed up my shoes! I was furious but then I saw that the force I used to get up off the floor had pushed the boy to the ground as well and cracked one of the lenses in his glasses. I felt pretty awful so I helped him up, even though his shoes had no scuffs.

It works.

Then I watched the next episode of the Vampire Diaries. It was more cheesy than I remembered, but still pretty good. 

As for today, I'm going to practice my speech (eventually), maybe go to the gym if I feel up to it, and then get ready for a night out on the town for Teal's birthday. Apparently the club we are going to has a room dedicated to music from like four years ago. I am so pumped, those were the good days! After Zumba and all, I did learn some pretty sweet dance moves, haha.

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Amanda DiPasquale said...

I really want to try Zumba! It would be wayy out of my comfort zone! Good for you.