Thursday, January 21, 2010

i simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer.

Hello, hello, hello.

Today has been such a good and productive day! I went to class this morning and wrote an interesting writing exercise. In preparation for a narrative speech next week, my teacher assigned two descriptive paragraphs based on one sentence and a photograph. Mine were awkwardly depressing. One was about a dead cat and the other was about escaping the world on a Fall day. I wonder what my prof will think...haha all in good time!

After class, I went to my second shift as Events Assistant. It went so well! I e-mailed so many people and got familiar with everything in such little time. I am really happy I took this position. It will benefit me so much! 

Now, I am going to a meditation/stretch/yoga class and then I'm spending some time with the boyfriend. 

Tomorrow, is the Sigma Alpha Pi Benefit for Haiti Bake Sale! I am so excited for it :) We've put so much work into the planning and preparing for the event. I'm also trying out ZUMBA with Ashlee. It's going to be SO JOKES. I'm excited to pretend to be of Latin decent. I guess I sort of am, since I'm Italian, but I don't normally shake my hips and bon bon to work out. Pretty pumped.

This week turned out to be alright! 

All that I have left to do is read some Marshall McLuhan, write a narrative speech (oh dear), and research some more publications and speakers for my work.


Hope you all had a good day.

Peace and love.

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