Thursday, December 31, 2009

i am giving you just under 24 hours, woman.

Of course, my sloppy and irresponsible Journalism professor still hasn't uploaded any final grades from the Fall semester. I have been home from school for just under three weeks now and the lady is probably still working on midterms. I am happy, though, because so far my average is an 80 per cent and I am hoping that my Journalism mark will be in the 90s. If only I could find that out before the end of 2009... 

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Amanda said...

OH MY GOD WHAT A TWAT! i can't believe her! that's seriously the lamest thing ever youw ould think she'd get the hint after complaining to ed wright so many times AND THE VICE PROVOST.

well i'm sure you did phenomenal anyways :) i miss you so so much and im soso sorry i havent been FBing or txting alot, i apparently have moved to blockbuster this entire christmas holiday lol!

I hope you've had a much needed relaxing and funfilled holiday and i can't wait to catch up once school starts again :)