Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i need to stop going shopping but the sales are too good and the shirts are too pretty.

I haven't blogged in a while but I finally found a few minutes to update my blog with a life update. Lately, I have been working and hanging out with friends and family. During this time, though, I have done a lot of shopping which is pretty sweet since my clothes were starting to lack style but I've been spending money when I really should be saving...

Work has been going pretty well. I work two days a week so I'm making some money but I still have time to see people that I won't have time to do during the upcoming semester. Yesterday, however, was brutal. I worked a split shift which meant that I would start at 12pm and work until about 2pm and then start again at 4:30pm and work until whenever. Instead, I worked straight through from 12pm until 10pm without food or any breaks. Yeah, I got a solid10 hours in there, but I was pretty cranky by the end of it. It was sooo busy too! I could not feel my feet or my calves by the time I got home. My big toe still kinda hurts, haha.

Tomorrow, I work from 12pm-4pm and then I am off to New Years Eve dinner with the family and then I am hanging out with Vic, Cass, and Cara. I'm pretty pumped for tomorrow night, it's going to be hilarious. 

Cass is only in Toronto until Saturday so tomorrow night will be the last time I'll see her before Reading Week in February. I don't want to say goodbye!

Also on the downside, my camera flash broke so I had to go out and buy a new camera. I went to BestBuy and saw this really nice red Canon camera that was in a section "Items for less than $150.00." There were two red cameras and three silver cameras in this section but they really sold at $268 a piece. However, the people at Best Buy honoured the camera at $149.99 because it was in the wrong section. Major score. I have a sweet new camera that I am obsessed with that I saved almost $100.00 on.

Today, I was down at my Nonna's again. I went shopping because they insisted on buying me something so I got a really nice colourful shirt and knit-tights. Then, I went back out to buy batteries for my Nonno and ended up spending more money at Costa Blanca because they were having an amazing sale. I got three really pretty shirts and a skirt for $30.00.

Tonight, I am laying low and hanging out with Tash one last time before her classes start again. We were going to go watch the new film "Nine" but it only got 5.2 stars out of 10 so we're skipping out on the movie and going for coffee/tea instead.

That is my life; I work, I go shopping, I see friends, I see family, and I eat. I am going to have a rude awakening once the new semester starts :P.

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