Thursday, December 31, 2009


Today is the last day of the year 2009 and how am I spending it? I am laying in my bed at 12:15a.m. on New Years Eve Day blogging about the big 2010 and how 2009 has flown by. Today will probably be remembered with the entirety of my savings finally being given to my parents to help pay for school, a 4+ hours really busy work shift, dinner with the family, and a night to remember with friends. I'm stressing out a bit about giving all of my hard earned money to my parents but I did offer to help pay and I didn't work three jobs this past summer to buy an endless supply of pretty tops. Speaking of clothes, though, I need some new jeans. I'll tackle that next week...

On a more reflective note, I am going to try and remember one thing from every month of this past year. It's going to be hard because my memory sucks but I'll do my best.

January 2009: I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. <3 AND I started working at the Humber College Book Store-SHOOT ME IN THE FOOT. 
February 2009: I sat in on my first trial at the Toronto Court. Lucky for me, it was the Stefanie Rengel case. I also started tutoring.
March 2009: I saw Britney Spears live in concert and was a little disappointed with her.
April 2009: I finished my first year of university.
May: I started to lose weight.
June: I started my first week at Kids of Canada Summer Camps which kicked off an amazing summer.
July: I started to work three jobs, hello 60-70 hour work weeks.
August: My crazy work schedule came to an end when August wound down.
September: I moved back to res and Nick transfered to Guelph-Humber! 
October: I turned 19.
November: I gave my grandmother flowers for her 70th birthday and she called my family her "best family."
December: I finished my last film course, ever. Thank you, baby Jesus! 

In this past year I have stopped caring about insignificant people and matters, I have come to realize that I can only be the best person I can be and if others can't accept that, then it is their loss. I think I have learned more about myself in the year 2009 because I have been really hard at work with school, work, keeping important relationships as close as possible, and confiding in my family. There are always going to be things that I dislike but there is nothing I can do except work through any ups and downs that come my way.

I have felt what it feels like to be disregarded and unacknowledged, I have tried to stop caring about what other people think, I look and feel my best for me and for no one else, I am not dependent on anyone else but myself even though I like to lean, I love my best friends, my boyfriend, and my family like no one could ever imagine, and I can't thank this year enough for the wake up call that I wish others could have as early as I did.

With 23 hours and 28 minutes until the new year, good night.

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