Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i want snow.

The best part of winter is when it snows. When I mean snow, I mean from end of November to the middle of January/beginning of Feburary snow. It's so fluffy and white and just makes the Christmas season so delightful. I love looking outside my window and seeing fresh snow all around. I love taking the first steps into a patch of clean snow, even though I feel bad ruining its beauty and I love wearing scarves and boots and winter jackets. I love listening to Christmas carols. Seeing green grass outside and snowless streets makes all of this really hard to do. Last night, when I was walking back to res from my class, the air was crisp and cold it felt like winter weather. I got really happy. But, right now, it is above zero degrees. Though this is nice to a certain degree, what about the snow? What is putting up the Christmas tree without a little bit of snow outside? Mother Nature, if you can hear me, please let it snow!

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