Saturday, July 25, 2009

how cuuute is this puppy?

Truth be told, I'm sick. I'm sneezing and coughing. I have tons of headaches and my ears hurt. Fabulous. 

Nonetheless, here I am wide awake on a Saturday before 9 a.m. Why? I can't sleep, clearly. I really need my rest too for this week I will be working approximately 60 hours. Next Sunday I am going to be poooooped. 

Whatever, I've had a good weekend off so far. Last night I went to dinner with friends and coworkers from camp and then went to go see Harry Potter with my boy. It was pretty good, I liked the fifth movie better though. Unfortunately, I stopped reading the books in grade 6 or 7 so the movies tell the story for me now. Sometimes I wish I kept reading the novels but then again I could always pick one up and read it I just haven't chosen to do so.

Today, I'm going to Innisfil (Amanda, I know it's so close to your house. I've hinted three thousand times to go and visit you to my parents but they haven't caught on). for my dad's uncles 80th birthday at his cottage. It's going to thunder storm today and any time this side of my family gets together, it poooouuurs. I plan on wearing a huge sweater and track pants to be comfortable in the rain and after I eat three four thousand course meals. However, I will probably be convinced otherwise by my parents. Grrr. Oh well, I'll bring a back up change of clothes for comfort and shelter from the rain. And, I'll slip an umbrella in my purse.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a Fashion Show brunch at the Drake hotel downtown. I am so excited. I get to be photographer for the day with my point and shoot. Hahaha, should be interesting.

Anywho, I'm getting hungry and a slice of toast with peanut butter is calling my name.

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