Thursday, July 23, 2009

my brother has been in the bathroom for the past 25 minutes and I need to brush my teeth, so post I did.

I'm so tired. I have to strart getting ready for work in five minutes but for the past two days I've worked 10+ hours. I have to say though, my manager last night was awesome, and let me go home earlier than I thought. Thank you SO much.

I'm starting to feel sick, too. You know that itchy scratchy feeling in the back of your throat that trickles up to your ear drumb at the beginning of a cold? I have that. It wouldn't be very good if I got sick. I finally have a weekend off and having a weekend where I have to sit in my bed would be sucky.

Then again, it could just be the weather outside. It's supposed to rain today, incase you weren't aware. When it rains I slump around and drag my feet because I never feel 100%. Not to say I don't like the rain, because I do--it can be peaceful, I just feel like poop before it starts.

Sorry for the depressingness of this post, I'm not sad or anything just exhaaaausted. I can't wait to go to bed tonight at a reasonable hour.

I'll end this post on a positive note and talk about what I will be doing today:
- Camp: learning more of a partner dance to "Die Another Day" by Madonna, I'm going to lose my voice cleaning my dance with my dance girls to "Independent Women Part 1" by Destiny's Child, and I'm going to be dressing up as a Princess because today is What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up Day :)
- After camp: seeing my best friends at some point and hanging out like we usually do (these are the best hang outs in the world, might I add).

Anyways I'm running 3 minutes late now, but I'll be back to post something sometime soon--PROMISE!

(P.S. Jaguar Climb Tree??, you're welcome tehehe)

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