Thursday, June 4, 2009

winter in the midst of it all.

I have been cursed with a cold that magically started yesterday just as I was leaving work. I had that itchy/scratchy feeling in my throat, an endless runny nose, and an ongoing number of sneezes. Colds remind me of winter; when you go outside for two minutes without a coat and you come inside with a chill, when you're on the bus and you can't breathe, see, or hear properly and your iPod is giving you a headache, and when you're lying in bed and can't find the angle where one of your sinuses will free up to let some air pass through your nose so you end up sitting up and waiting until your nose clears or you sneeze so you can quickly fall asleep before it stuffs up again. 

Colds drain the energy out of me and make me just want to sleep all day. But, then I look outside and I don't see snow, ice pellets, or freezing rain--I see sunshine. It's winter in my body but Springtime amongst the trees.

Note to self: the only way to deal with this cold is to get through it because there is no actual cure for the cold. I can pop as many Advil: Cold and Sinus pills and Vitamin C pills that I want to but in the end they will only help. 

I know you can't believe everything you hear, but I was once told that many people get food poisoning in the form of a cold. I ate a Starbucks sandwich quickly yesterday before work started, hopefully the one time I buy something to eat from Starbucks has nothing to do with my current situation.

Anyway, my eyes are starting to water so I think it's time I go wake myself up with some cold water, teeth brushing, and a cup of hot tea.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts.


amanda. said...

sympathy pains? maybe? I MISS YOU
SO MUCH! lol we would get sick the same day hah. I'm pretty sure maya and sara gave me it though!

Leviana Coccia said...

Hahaha, oh man that would happen! I miss you too and I hope you feel better as well!
Love you and miss you so much pretty girly!